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Internet based alarm reception.
IPEagle is a Windows based alarm receiving and monitoring software intended for companies or anyone interested in keeping a central log of events from different alarm objects equipped with Dualtech IP based alarm diallers.

Incoming alarms are stored and displayed and an action plan describes to the operator the action that has to be taken. Incoming alarms may be distributed as ACCESS V4, E-mail and SMS. Once an alarm message is acknowledged by the operator, the alarm message is automatically archived.

All communication between the IPEagle and connected TCP/IP diallers is encrypted and controlled continuosly via “polling”. The polling procedure means that a communication problem is rapidly detected resulting in a faster and more secure alarm handelling. The “polling” frequency may be varied depending on the security level required by the client.
 Windows based.
 Supports IP alarm protocol Dualtech ACCESS V1 and V4.
 Distributes alarms as E-mail and SMS.
 Encrypted communication using TLS 1.0/AES256.
 Supervised communication via polling from 90 second – 25 hours.
 Supports primary and secondary receiver for back up.
 Fast alarm transmission.
 Low operative costs.
PC with operative system Windows XP, SP2
CD with hardware lock.
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