Dualtech IT takes a firmer grip of all systems in the building. We develop hardware and software that produce secure and effective IP-based communication solutions, enabling technically mature companies to take advantage of all the new possibilities being developed within monitoring and remote control. Dualtech offers you an infrastructure that aligns real-time monitoring and control systems with the security sector’s high standards concerning cyber security.

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New 4G security routers for monitoring and remote access

Dualtech’s new platform, developed in-house and featuring the security routers NENA and PANGEA, offers flexibility and optimal solutions. The basic functions and additional services of our 4G routers mean that both individual alarm systems, CCTV systems and access control systems can be connected, as can installations involving several different systems. Our additional services give you access to VPN connections and the industry’s certified security standards for intruder alarms and fire alarms. It is always possible to find a solution that meets even the strictest security requirements.

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Digitalisation means that the security industry must think on different lines in order to meet the customers' requirements for remote services and remote servicing. The present day business model, focussing on price and technology, must become more service based and create conditions for customers to be an active part of the security work via new technology in a completely different way. For example, by being able to select services and levels of service and support, all based on the customer's individual needs for risk management, one of the basic conditions of being an attractive security and safety supplier in the future. Dualtech IT has long experience and great knowledge of what the digitalisation and transformation mean to business. We have been part of and led the development for a long time. This makes us a strong partner in the development of new remote services for intruder alarms, fire alarms and building controls. Contact us to find out more!


Secure and cost efficient solutions for the alarm communication of the future have been our driving force since Dualtech IT started in 1999. Our ambition and long experience in the industry have resulted in lots of industry awards and made us one of the industry's leading and most innovative players. At present we have customers in over 20 countries around the world. Over 250,000 delivered Dualtech products leads to secure alarm communication for both private individuals and companies. We have our head offices in Gothenburg, Sweden.


We were early into the field for development of the GSM monitored alarms. In the same way we have driven the development of internet-based alarm transmission with our DALM IP Communicator and EasyWebManager software, creating completely new opportunities for analogue alarm customers and for all installers and wholesalers. The DALM concept meets those needs that occur as the landlines are successively withdrawn and handle both single alarms and the complete alarm structures of large security companies. With our solutions analogue alarms are converted and opened for digital technology. Dualtech’s newly developed hardware platform 4G Security Router represents a step forward. Our security routers ensure that technologically mature companies are able to securely maximise all new IOT functions for connection of and remote access to monitoring and security systems.


Secure alarm solutions and IP communication are based on a stable, reliable, and cyber secure technology infrastructure. Our cloud-based solutions override all geographic technology borders and make it possible for global security companies to offer a unified solution for alarm customers in several different countries. Our customised cloud solutions have already been established for alarm centres around Europe. This makes DALM conversion from analogue to digital significantly easier and more efficient for security companies with customers all over the world. In the same way, the platform for 4G Security Router creates endless opportunities for linking and remotely controlling the security and monitoring systems of entire properties.


Dualtech IT stands for safe and secure solutions. In addition to several awards for innovations we also have the industry required certifications. See it as a guarantee that you can feel confident in us as a partner and that with our expertise we can contribute to sustainable and commercial development of your operations and business. It is important to us that the partnership with us is regarded as a long term investment. For example, we always offer generous warranties on our security routers.


PANGEA 4G Security Router

With PANGEA 4G Security Router you can create your own segmented networks without any IT experience. Network where you can connect the customer's access control system, CCTV system, Building Automation system, any system you want to connect and securely via VPN remote control and remote serve.
PANGEA is also certified for alarm transmission via IP up to Security Grade 4 and also fire, so now you can connect all your systems to one and the same solution.
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We help you to secure the business of the future!

As an installer, with Dualtech you gain an experienced partner in the development of secure and effective digital solutions. These days most installations require an Internet connection, something that is becoming more difficult to gain access to via the customer’s network and IT department. We need to create our own secure networks to be able to deliver on time and offer the customers the remote services that they have ordered. Dualtech’s expertise and our IP based range of prize-winning IP Communicators and 4G Security routers, helps you as an installer in the digital transition. The analogue networks are being closed successively, but we already have digitalisation solutions ready for both private individuals and for large and small companies. As well as satisfied customers, our solutions mean that you can literally install completely new and long-term business.

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”Dualtech's solutions are easy to install and commission. Fast, easy and problem free."

Alexander Carlén, FC Larmautomatik

"When you need support or other service it is always easy to contact Dualtech's representatives."

Jonas Segelfeldt, Effektlarm

"Dualtech's app is a big plus that makes it extremely easy to check the status of the facility at any time."

Sofie Nivalainen, Great Security

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