Services that offer more
security functions.

With the security routers NENA and PANGEA you lay the foundation for a secure communication solution for monitoring and remote access that complies with the strict requirements of the security sector. Depending on customers’ requirements, you can offer a range of additional services that provide more functions and even more flexible management.

Flexible solutions and industry certified security standards

Dualtech’s security routers, which are developed in-house, offer flexibility and optimal solutions. The basic functions and additional services of our routers mean that both individual alarm systems and installations involving multiple systems can be connected. Our additional services enable you to offer VPN connections and the industry’s certified security standards for intruder alarms and fire alarms. It is always possible to find a solution that meets even the strictest security requirements.

VPN, top level GSM security, Security Grade 1-4 and CPR Fire

Both NENA and PANGEA offer VPN as an additional service, as well as XtraSIM for top level GSM security. Regardless of which of our security routers you opt for, you will have access to several advanced alarm transmission functions. NENA has inputs that can be activated and send an alarm to the Alarm Receiving Centre via TCP/IP Protocol and email, while PANGEA also has a Capture Dialler output that manages the analogue alarm protocol from a connected intruder alarm and converts it to TCP/IP protocol for transfer to the Alarm Receiving Centre.  PANGEA holds the industry certifications Security Grade 1-4 as an optional extra, together with CPR for fire alarm. Both NENA and PANGEA support all PRO services linked to our flexible EasyWebManager portal, which is also where you manage all configuration.


Download our product sheet with additional services NENA and PANGEA