4G router that links
all security systems.

PANGEA 4G Security Router is an effective and secure 4G Router for CCTV systems, access control systems and other monitoring and remote access systems. It has been specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of the security industry and PANGEA 4G Security Router can be used to link all of the building’s security and control systems.

An effective and secure hub for the entire building

PANGEA 4G Security Router creates an effective hub for connection of up to four different alarm/monitoring systems in the same property. It is the ideal solution when there is no fixed line internet connection, but it also offers a problem-free and secure communication solution when you want to use an existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to fast and secure mobile internet, PANGEA complies with all strict cybersecurity requirements and GDPR. VPN technology offers maximum protection against intrusion. PANGEA is continuously monitored via polling and it has advanced functions for automatic restart in order to provide maximum uptime.

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Advanced optional extras and flexible configuration

Several advanced alarm transmission functions are available as optional extras for PANGEA, which is equipped with inputs, outputs and Dialler capture for alarm and remote control. PANGEA supports IP protocol SIA DC09 for alarm to alarm receiving centre and is certified up to Security Grade 4 and CPR Fire. All configuration is performed via the installer portal EasyWebManager and all PRO services, such as push, email and remote control, are supported.

PANGEA automatically connects to mobile networks through the roaming function. The integrated SIM card is a prerequisite for a stable and secure connection that complies with GDPR requirements and protects against intrusion. As the installer you set the level of data allowance during the configuration of each installation. The level can be adjusted as necessary.

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Pangea 4G Security Router

With PANGEA 4G Security Router you can create your own segmented networks without any IT experience. Network where you can connect the customer's access system, camera system, laundry booking system, any system you want to connect and securely via VPN remote control and remote serve.
PANGEA is also certified for alarm transmission via IP up to Security Grade 4 and also fire, so now you can connect all your systems to one and the same solution.
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Product overview PANGEA 4G Security Router

1 WAN, for Ethernet connection for e.g. alarm transmission or data transfer

4 x LAN with VLAN technology, with optional VPN

1 4G/3G/2G modem, 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload

E-SIM Dualtech SecureSIM-E Roaming

Support for digital alarm protocol SIA DC09


Telephone line output for Dialler capture with support for analogue dialler protocol SIA, Contact-ID, Robofon and CESA

8 digital inputs

5 bi-stable relay outputs

4 solid state relay outputs

1 RS-232

1 RS-485

1 TTL 5V

Data levels for communication via the mobile network

Data allowance is selected for each installation based on functions and requirements.

Data levels:

50MB, 100MB, 250MB, 500MB 1 GB and 2 GB

Technical description

PANGEA is supplied complete with steel enclosure and aerial with 0.5 metre aerial cable. The unit is usually supplied with power from the existing alarm installation.

Power supply

11-30 VDC

Power consumption

200 mA

Optional extras and additional services


Secure VPN for up to 4 separate VPN

Alarm Communication

TCP/IP Protocol, Email, Capture Dialer

Certification for Security Grade 1-4

EN 50136-1, 50136-2, 50131-10

Certification for Fire

CPR EN 54-21


Alarm sent to selected recipients

PANGEA Extension Board for multiple inputs and outputs

Article number: 47716004

8 digital inputs

4 solid state relay outputs