Offering more new and attractive services also increases the opportunities for building long-term business relationships. Dualtech's cloud based management platform EasyWebManager gives you as the installer completely new opportunities for an overview of the customer's facilities.

för installers

EasyWebManager makes theinstallation easy to monitor remotely, which makes it considerably more efficient for both you and the customer. You can give a faster service and offer more functions, at the same time as reducing the number of service visits, which is kinder to our environment.
With EWM you as the installer get a full overview over all your customer's installations and the responsive page gives an equally good overview in a mobile phone, as in a larger screen. All data is collected and thanks to secure remote connections and a number of extra services you can customise your security offer.

for end users

EasyWebManager cloud-based platform offers a range of flexible and efficient services and app features to complement your installations based entirely on your needs and wishes. This gives you an end-to-end solution and an efficient risk management tool.

”Dualtech's solutions are easy to install and commission. Fast, easy and problem free."

Alexander Carlén, FC Larmautomatik

"When you need support or other service it is always easy to contact Dualtech's representatives."

Jonas Segelfeldt, Effektlarm

"Dualtech's app is a big plus that makes it extremely easy to check the status of the facility at any time."

Sofie Nivalainen, Great Security


Complete overview with emergency service centre.

EagleEye is a cloud based, central and powerful function for monitoring and secure login for all your customers’ installations. EagleEye receives alarm and operating information in real time, so by automatically gathering data from the customers' systems, proactive measures can be suggested to the customers. Using EagleEye, the customer can have full overview of the security installations and control the functions via smartphone, tablet or computer.

EagleEye Camera

Connect cameras directly to the alarm system.

EagleEye Camera means that you can easily connect IP cameras to DALM, giving both you and the customer the ability to have a full overview via direct images from the home or business. This adds an extra dimension of security to the alarm. Via the EagleEye app, the customer gets access to the camera via their smartphone, tablet or computer, together with up-to-date operational information and event reporting. It is also possible to monitor important technical installations.

EagleEye Remote control

Everyday functions are controlled directly from a phone.

EagleEye Remote control offers a range of functions for smoother remote monitoring. Using the app the customer can control everything from heating to lighting at home or at the company. Switch the alarm on and off and control the gates for the house or the barrier for the company area. Technical installations such as pumps and fans can be controlled remotely and it is equally easy to use a smartphone, tablet or computer to make sure the sauna is set to the right temperature after an autumn walk.

EagleEye Notification

Send the alarm via email, text message, push notification or voice message.

EagleEye Notification provides added security because the alarm is immediately forwarded via email or push notification or as a voice message to the mobile phone. The aforementioned service, Voice alarm, means that the customer is called and a voice reads out the alarm information in the desired language. The information can be sent to several selected recipients. Perhaps a neighbour who is at home while the customer is on vacation. In the same way, the alarm can be sent directly to the customer service technicians – technical alarms for the technicians and customer related alarms and operating instructions for the customers.


Expand with local subcontractors.

Subcontractor gives you more flexibility as an installer. By using subcontractors and agency workers you can accept assignments over a larger geographical area. In our web-based portal and associated app, you can give limited access for a certain time period to external partners, who can install, commission and service specific alarm systems for specific customers according to your instructions.

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