Continuous monitoring
with GSM backup.

Our leading GSM solutions monitor the landline cord in all types of alarm systems. In case of cable problems, the system automatically switches to GSM and the alarm message is secured.

Security for analogue alarm solutions

Dualtech's GSM solutions provide complete secure monitoring, even in the event of a landline interruption. When alarm communication automatically switches over to GSM mode, an alarm alert is sent via SIA or Contact-ID to the alarm centre. Our solutions also work where there is no landline. Thanks to alarm inputs, SMS can also be sent to any recipient, and functions such as lighting or heating can be controlled remotely.

Easy and neat installation

Dualtech TS100T has four alarm inputs for SMS alarm and two remote control outputs, which make it possible to control the heating in a summer cottage for example. The simple installation and commissioning contributes to an effective and neat backup for the analogue alarm and ensures that all functions are secured, in anticipation of an upgrade and digital conversion when the analogue network is shut down. The alarm can also be sent via SMS to selected recipients.

Smooth GSM backup

of the analogue alarm

Product overview

Constant monitoring of the landline

Provides a backup channel via the GSM network when the landline is interrupted

SMS message to any recipient during interruption to the landline

4 x alarm inputs for the SMS alarm

2 x remote controllable outputs

SMS messages with status report for any recipient

Status report via SMS can be retrieved by any recipient

At installation, the programming report is sent to the installer via SMS

Easy to install and commission

Technical data

Power supply

10-25 VDC

Consumption in standby mode

Approx. 120 mA

Consumption during GSM transmission

Approx. 250 mA


160 x 100 x 25 mm


0.5 kg.

GSM antenna

0.5 metre antenna cable


GSM antenna with 3 metre or 15 metre cable, power supply