Smart solutions
for alarm centres.

We develop turn-key solutions for IP-based alarm communication. This covers everything from installation of software for virtual reception of alarms, to a complete infrastructure for alarm network operators.

Easy for alarm operators

Our solutions cover both individual alarm centres and more complex national or international structures, with a lot of operators in different countries. The cloud-based management offers the opportunity of unlimited security.

The security suppliers of the future must think along new lines

Digitalisation means that the security industry must think on different lines in order to meet the customers’ requirements for remote services and remote servicing. The present day business model, focussing on price and technology, must become more service based and create conditions for customers to be an active part of the security work via new technology in a completely different way.

For example by being able to select services and levels of service and support, all based on the customer’s individual needs for risk management, one of the basic conditions of being an attractive security and safety supplier in the future.

Dualtech IT has long experience and great knowledge of what digitalisation and the transformation mean to business. We have been part of and led the development for a long time. This makes us a strong partner in the development of new remote services for intruder alarms, fire alarms and building controls.

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