DALM IP Communicator
future proofing.

By digitalising existing analogue installations with the help of our certified DALM IP Communicator, a future proof and monitored alarm transmission to the alarm receiving centre is created, with the opportunity of additional and more flexible security solutions. The solution is supplied as a service that we call DaaS – DALM as a Service.

Converts analogue alarm protocol
to TCP / IP

DALM IP Communicator have dual communication paths and are used as external alarm transmitters for technical, fire and intrusion alarms. The dialer capture output handles analogue alarm protocols from connected intrusion alarms and converts to TCP / IP protocols for transmission to the alarm receiving center. DALM has inputs for alarms and outputs that can be remotely operated. Additionally, IP cameras can be connected to the IP Communicator.

Remote access with optimized security and accessibility

DALM gives simple remote access to connected intruder alarms and certain fire alarms. The integrated roaming SIM card gives optimal security and availability. In addition it gives access to new security services such as EagleEye Client App with image display from connected cameras, remote control and alarm alerts directly to the customer’s mobile, tablet and computer. The solution means that an old alarm becomes as good as new, for both business and private customers.

In our user-friendly web portal EasyWebManager you the installer state what security grade is to be used and if EagleEye is to be activated. All data traffic is included at a fixed monthly fee. Flexible, simple and cost effective. The cost is charged to you as the installer on a monthly or yearly basis and you charge the end-customer via the service contract you have entered into. Dualtech can also invoice your end customer directly if so required.

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Product overview DALM IP Communicator

Dialer capture output for conversion of SIA (level 1-3), SIA Hex, Contact ID and Robofon

8 x inputs, 
4 x remote controllable outputs

Integrated E-SIM roaming for best coverage

Integrated IP alarm protocol SIA DC-09

TCP/IP alarm transmission via fixed Internet and/or 2G, 3G or 4G to alarm centre and/or EagleEye

Encrypted information transmission

Continuous function and connection monitoring through polling between router and alarm centre

Up to 4 x IP cameras can be connected

DALM is supplied with 0.5 metres of antenna cable. The unit is usually supplied with power from the existing alarm installation

Security Grades

DaaS - DALM as a Service

Security Grade 2-4

Fire CPR