Dualtech’s cloud-based platform, EasyWebManager, is a tool that allows you as an installer to combine different items based on the customer’s requirements. Offering more new and attractive services increases the opportunities for building long-term business relationships.

EWM Portal

Software which directly increases the efficiency of your alarm management

EasyWebManager makes the alarm installation easy to monitor remotely, which makes it considerably more efficient for both you and the customer. You can give a faster service and offer more functions, at the same time as reducing the number of service visits, which is kinder to our environment.

EWM BAS offers all the basic functions to manage the alarm installation remotely, while EasyWebManager PRO provides a platform for even more services.

As an installer you can manage all Dualtech's products in the DALM series with EWM. You also get a full overview of all your customer's 's SIM cards and can easily offer new and more services.

PRO offers advanced functions and EagleEye

You get access to advanced features for sorting, grouping and searching. PRO also includes the revolutionary new feature EagleEye, your modern cloud-based modern alarm service centre. You have full control over all your customers’ digitalised security systems via a smartphone, tablet or computer. EagleEye also opens the door to a range of extra services that increase the customer’s security.

Download and test the demo version of our Client App: EWM

User name: demo   Password: demo 

A new world filled with

secure alarm services

It contains EasyWebManager


Installer functions

Advanced features for grouping, map separation and efficient search function for all configurations

EagleEye – full overview of the customer's alarm system

Subcontractor – handle extended service network with local subcontractors

Secure SIM administration – secure function with secure SIM card

Remote service – faster support through remote service

End customer functions

EagleEye Client App - full overview of your alarm in a smartphone or tablet

EagleCamera – images directly from the alarm system

Remote control – daily functions controlled directly from a mobile

Notification – alarm direct via e-mail or push messages


Basic functions for programming and commissioning DALM Security router

Secure SIM administration – secure function with secure SIM card