Secure SIM gives the
most secure solution

The security router requires a SIM card in order to use all the digital services and functions in the alarm system. Our Secure SIM service is a secure and tailored solution which, thanks to a roaming feature, provides you with maximum accessibility via mobile networks throughout Europe.

Automatic connection to the EWM portal guarantees smooth management

We have developed Secure SIM in collaboration with a leading mobile network operator. This is a SIM card that gives maximum simplicity and function for the customer for 24 months at a time. The secure SIM card is connected to each individual alarm installation and is never at risk of being confused with other mobile subscriptions within the household or company. This neat solution means that Secure SIM automatically appears in the EWM portal and makes administration of the SIM card simple and easy to monitor. When the 24 month subscription is coming to its end, you are automatically offered a contract extension of 24 months for your customer. This provides hassle-free management without written contracts and you do not need to think about validity times and other formal aspects.

Secure backup for the alarm functions

In addition to facilitating a range of different services, the mobile connection also means that there is also a secure backup for the alarm functions, in case your customer’s internet connection should, for some reason, be subject to an operational disruption.

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Maximum function with

secure SIM-card.

Simple registration in the web portal

24 months with maximum function

Roaming feature for European mobile networks

Hassle-free function for 24 months, with automatic offer of extension

The SIM card is linked to each separate alarm installation and cannot be confused with other mobile subscriptions

Automatic registration in EasyWebManager when commissioning DALM Security router

Full control over all your customers' SIM cards; SIM administration

Fast, easy and secure with SecureSIM

Gives the safest and most reliable solution

Creates secure backup for the alarm functions, in case the customer’s internet connection is subject to operational disruptions

Extension of the service directly in the portal